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I have been a bodyworker for 24 years. I have performed well over 10,000 sessions over that period of time. When one does something for quite sometime, it becomes easy to do it without thinking of it. Normally, when I begin a session, I allow most of my conscious perception to melt away and work almost strictly intuitively. Rarely do I look at what I am doing; usually my eyes are closed, or averted into a non-conscious stare into space. My hands know what they are doing, my intuition able to serve the session, and when something comes up that needs conscious attention I am able to snap back into the present space and take care of it. It is because of this that each session is a little different, and totally unique to the day in which it is given and received. A lovely way to work away any day, in an almost constant state of meditation. Endlessly compelling.

Today, however, I watched. I watched as my hands did the work without my having to think of it – I was able to detach enough to enjoy the artistry of my hands molding a body, releasing the tension and moving the tissue. I took the idea from a friend who recently meditated with his eyes open. It was amazing to watch the body electric in all its beauty, the energy moving, and well, just this BODY alive! Mine and my client’s. The entire world – ALIVE. And to know I am a part of it, that we are all part of it, we all receive the work that is sacred that one person does for another. To feel the power and see it transferred simply by holding a space.

In that space I also thought about love, and what it is. What is it? Who am I to even try to define it? Too big, much like God, for any real definition or word. However, I received this thought today: True love is so many things, but I think above all, true love is a devotional; utter faith, the namaste, the recognition of the Divine in the person whom you love. Respecting so much that sacredness in this person, the beauty contained within the shell that is the body. That energy of perfection that can only be this person’s spirit.

It is my hope that soon the people of this planet recognize the beauty in one another, and love one another as a devotion….


Love, Samantha

Sacred Earth

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