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Laura Ghantous, LMBT 1558 – Massage Therapist

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After graduating from N.C. State in 1993 with a BS in Zoology, I worked in a lab for a few years. During this time, I developed neck pain and migraines. I eventually sought out massage therapy for pain and stress relief. But I found much more than simple pain relief. Through deep relaxation of my body and mind, I reconnected to my spirit and found the peace and perspective needed to make a big change.

So, in 1996 I enrolled at Carolina School of Massage Therapy. While going to classes on weekends, I interned with physical therapists to learn trigger point therapy. This time was invaluable for my understanding and assisting with chronic and acute pain.

After graduation, I went straight to work at the YWCA and with Samantha Pridgen at Body Elemental as a Licensed Massage Therapist. The second I met Samantha I knew we would be a great match. I was right: We’ve been working together for more than 20 years. I’m grateful not only for her guidance, but our friendship as well.

My work is a blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and various energy techniques. Recently, I’m exploring Raindrop Technique with Young Living Oils and Fascial Conduction. Raindrop reduces inflammation and Fascial Conduction provides a deeper and more connected healing throughout the entire body.

Most importantly, I tailor to the client’s needs at the time of the appointment—allowing the sensitivity and compassion in my hands to guide me. At times I can be clinical in my approach, but I’ve found the most effective session, for true restoration, should always provide a deep sense of peace.

As part of my holistic healing and rejuvenation path, I started practicing The Nia Technique in 2006 and have now taught it for more than a decade. Nia, as a blend of dance, martial, and healing arts, has endless possibilities for movement—and awareness. The combination of massage therapy and Nia has been my ultimate solution for moving through life with dynamic ease.

Another highlight on my wellness path includes teaching a brain and body fitness program called Ageless Grace. It focuses on neuroplasticity by stimulating five areas of the brain that condition the body for lifelong comfort and ease. The exercises help us better respond, react, and recover when thrown off balance. Ageless Grace is practiced seated in a chair which engages the core, challenges the brain, and makes it accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Since the pandemic, I started offering Nia and Ageless Grace classes online to keep my massage clients and students happy, healthy, and connected. Check out my blog if you would like a taste of the classes and a sneak peek into Body Elemental.

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