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Lockdown, or Transformation?

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Covid-19 LOCKDOWN. Wear your masks! Wash your hands! Don’t go outside! Don’t go anywhere! Take your temperature! HIDE HIDE HIDE….

We are being told what to do in an unprecedented number of ways, in fearful tones, with what we understand to be dire consequences if we don’t follow directions. There are plenty of good people rebelling against this and choosing instead to behave as though all of this is “someone else’s problem”, or “not even real”, or “some kind of government conspiracy meant to _______________”.  Well, we are all going to react in our own ways. It is a challenge not to judge. I myself have been wondering how I can ever go back into the world again, what that world will look like, and…. why it will never be what it was again.


We have also been given a unique and quite frankly incredible opportunity… an opportunity to rest in a different way, to stop and breathe deeply, to finish projects long since relegated to the “maybe some day” pile…. a chance to deep clean our homes, our clutter, our lives… even the Mother Earth has had a chance to breathe more deeply, with lowered Co2 emissions we have cleaner air, quieter roads, and water once again teaming with life where it had diminished…. and EXERCISE! YES! We have HOURS with which to tone and heal our body and soul! MEDITATE! YES!!! OH so many lovely things to…………..


I haven’t done any of these things! I have barely been able to see straight, and have decided what I have experienced is the Corona Coma… all of the opportunities have gone by the wayside as I sit and stare, read, eat EAT way too much, (how fluffy I have become). I have accomplished a FEW things, but honestly, at the end of the day, I have a cocktail and watch more Bosch than is healthy. And now, as things begin to change, and we emerge from this lockdown, I am panicked knowing this precious time is gone and I haven’t done anything I thought I would….


It is what it is. And I will not feel bad about it (well, not much, anyway…). Instead, I will revel in the times of stillness, of peace, and of plenty. Never once did I suffer for a lack of a hug, a lack of love, a lack of food, a lack of community, a lack of anything. We have all been dealing with things beyond the context of our experience. We have all been dancing in a dreamscape that makes no sense, our primal survival instincts ramped up into adrenal-fevered mania… our dreams, our thoughts, our subconscious responses are all being fed by them. At some point, this has become almost, well, NORMAL. How do we recover from this?

BODYWORK. TIME. THERAPY. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. And recognizing at our deepest levels we need each other, and must forgive each other our faults. With any luck, we will emerge from this stronger, more resilient, and with fantastic stories to tell the future generations of how we survived. Because we will.

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