Raleigh Massage Therapist, Reviews and Client Referral

More good things about Body Elemental

Massage Therapy is a fundamental method of dealing with stress and poor health

I have been going to Laura on a regular basis for many years, and she is a gifted and healing massage therapist.  She has a unique intuition that enables her to find exactly the right trouble spots and to apply the right techniques.  Laura possesses a sense of calm and wellness which she is able to transfer through her touch and through the environment she creates.  You have to experience it to fully appreciate her very special talent and the benefits she brings.Kristen

“I am so glad Dawn introduced you to me. Your work is excellent, and you are so committed to doing a great job. I look forward to my visits so much. You have been so nice to in accomodating my schedule.”Gloria

““I first came to Body Elemental on the recommendation of a friend who was also a massage therapist. I asked her, "If you had a chronic back ache, who would you go to?" Without hesitation she answered, "I'd see Samantha."  And that's what I've done every three weeks for last five years.  My back pain is long gone and I'm in better shape than I was 20 years ago.

Four years ago I nearly died in a cycling accident and the entire staff at Body Elemental was there to help with my recovery.  The relationship is much more than massage therapy and dealing with aches, pains and injuries.  Kindness, caring, advice, emotional support and just listening are provided along with the great massage.  Whenever I've felt physically or emotionally distressed Samantha has always helped me feel better.  And when I come to Body Elemental I leave feeling wonderful!””Ken

“I was referred to Laura by my Doctor who felt massage would be an effective and gentle way to instill trust after having bad experiences while single and dating. Not wanting to carry any ill-effects into marriage I was anxious to accept this advise. That was 16 yrs ago and not only did I overcome my fears and mistrust-I found her touch healing for a back stressed while working in a trade were lifting heavy objects was an everyday event. Moving beyond that I continue to see Laura weekly to manage stress and set aside time for myself which is the truest definition of smart luxury.

Its hard to say what life would be like without her...I don't want to think about it.”Anonymous

“I have been Laura's client for almost 7 years - her work keeps me coming back for more! She is fabulous at what she does - providing excellent massages as well as emotional "therapy" on those days when I am completely stressed out! She cares about her clients personally and strives to personalize the massage experience, for example, she remembers which playlists I like on her iPod! She is always finding ways to add little extras to the massage experience, like a hot towel on your face or aromatherapy. She spoils me and I love it! I'll never go anywhere else for a massage.”Janice H.

“I give myself the gift of massage for stress and pain relief every month. I receive this gift from Samantha at Body Elemental. As a high school art teacher and potter, I deal with plenty of daily stress and put my body through a lot toting around 25 lb. boxes of clay. Samantha makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but with you as a person. She is a extraordinary massage therapist who I refer my friends and fellow teachers to regularly. Her work is truely a gift that keeps on giving.”Jeannette

“I have been getting wonderful massages from Samantha once-a-month for a few years now. Samantha has the gift of healing along with her extensive experience and knowledge of the human body. She knows where the pain is just by looking at me. She is intelligent and a good person. I am fortunate to have Samantha in my life. I consider her a trusted friend.”Paula

“I go to Samantha at Body Elemental before I go to the doctor.  She is my primary well-being advisor. She has fixed physical problems without meds or nasty recuperations. I am lucky to have found her.”Leona

“I always think of my time with Samantha as a trip to another planet, and when I return to Earth I feel happier, healthier and refreshed.”Dave

“As someone with 3 bulging disks in my back and a number of traumatic structural injuries, I lived with body pain daily. It was only through massage therapy and cranio-sachral treatments from Body Elemental that I was finally able to manage my pain without medication. After the pain was taken care of I have been able to stretch, move and participate in life fully again. Thanks for helping me clear my head and teaching so much about taking better care of my body. Body Elemental has given me my life back.”Bill